App design | University Project

The in-app social media service that’s proactive in helping its users maintain a positive state of mental health and wellbeing.
‘Heed.’ provides the user with pop-up notifications that question whether too much negativity has been consumed across social media platforms based on an algorithm that detects triggers the user would enter in the app ‘trigger log’. If the user has consumed too much negativity in such a short period of time the app will suggest they move to a safe online space. 
Heed's social platform, which collates all of the positive posts from the users social media platforms, allows the user to stay connected to the positive content online, whilst protecting themselves from consuming too much negativity.
'heed.' recognises that we cannot hide from the negativity in the world, and that it makes us complacent; however, if we have a healthy relationship with social media we can begin to form connections that will build a stronger, better, and safer community for us all to exist in together.
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