Competition Entry
This project was submitted to the International Society of Typographic Designers under the ‘Migration’ brief.
‘The Dark Artery’ is a story that’s briefly touched upon in the film ‘Pride’. The tale talks about how three mining communities are connected by one rich coal seam. The idea that you could take a Welsh, Basque or Pennsylvanian miner and put them in another community where the seam was, they would recognise the coal the minute they saw it.

The theme of migration was strengthened when I realised that South Wales was used as a stepping stone for Irish miners to get to Pennsylvania in the search for a better life both in and out of the pit. I have Irish heritage which, as a family, we’ve never really explored. it turns out that my ancestors were miners too. They came to South Wales, and I couldn’t help but wonder if they ever would’ve gone to Pennsylvania. I used this brief to explore that link.

The black foil on black paper was a key part of the design as it celebrates the rich black coal of the story. Much like coal mines, the theme of migration in this design has many layers. It touches on global, historial, social and cultural migration.
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