Penguin Student Design Awards 2019 Entry
My take on Wonder  by R. J. Palacio. 
I decided to pick out the phrase “swamp turtle” as something August describes himself as because of the way he eats. 
I wanted to use an animal rather than a human face as the book talks a lot about what’s ugly and what’s not, so by using a face I felt like I was singling someone with a particular appearance out. In addition to this, animals are used as metaphors throughout the book to give us an insight into the characters’ personalities. To make the two sides of the cover link, I’ve taken the imperfect shell pattern to fill with the quotes and recommendations as a way to show that no one is completely perfect. The typeface for the title of the book is also hand-rendered — again to maintain the imperfect tone — and is inspired by the letterforms from the typeface Objektiv. The minimalist letterforms accompanied with the topsy turvy appearance of the hand-rendered letters derived from Objektiv emphasise the idea that no one is made perfect and everyone is differences.
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