Web & Design Internship
I redesigned Youth Cymru’s website, brand collateral and their Youth Achievement Award to look appealing to young people.
Youth Cymru took me on as their design intern in Summer 2019. My job was to design branding for the organisation’s projects, and design their toolkits. Alongside this I was tasked with updating their Youth Cymru brand. This update covered everything but their logo, which they decided to keep. Youth Cymru decided to rebrand so they would appeal more to young people, and celebrate the amazing work young people are doing every day.
The ‘Youth Achievement Award’, which I was also given to redesign, is linked to the overall Youth Cymru brand. This is because all of their volunteering projects that Youth Cymru host could potentially go towards the hours needed to earn a Youth Achievement Award. The new booklets that I designed are available in both Welsh and English.
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